Ealakai-Cardamom 100 G


  • Cardamom has anti-bacterial properties that clear bad breath.
  • Boiling cardamom in water or adding it to tea can relieve stress and depression.
  • Cardamom is good for asthma and bronchitis as it improves blood circulation in the lungs by blood thinning.
  • Consuming cardamom with milk and honey helps cure sexual dysfunctions such as impotency and premature ejaculation.
  • Helps detoxify the body and alleviate period stomach cramps.
  • Cardamom cures and preventing digestive issues such as indigestion, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and spasms…


Green Cardamom or Elaichi is a spice unique to India and is a flavourful ingredient that’s added to curries, biriyanis, rice, kebabs, breads, sweets and many other preparations. This spice is easy to use in your daily chai and coffee and can even be steeped in boiling water and consumed on an empty stomach. From digestive issues, cramps to relieving breathing trouble, this aromatic spice has a plethora of medicinal properties…