Red Rice 1kg


For people who are losing weight, red rice is a great help. Due to the fiber in it, the excess fats in the body will be reduced. Red rice fights cancer and cancer germs

Helps to strengthen bones well and strengthen muscles. Red rice is a great help in hair growth. Corrects kidney related problems.Eating red rice rich in fiber from time to time can improve the health of the digestive system.Red rice is rich in chemical compounds such as protein, fiber, etc., which increase the body’s ability to absorb red blood cells. This gives more excitement to the body and makes it easier for the body not to get tired

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The king of rice. The rice eaten by the kings. 
Men can get good physical strength if they eat this gauni rice.
Drinking porridge made from this rice will cure heel pain.
The pigment anthocyanin in this black rice helps keep our heart, brain, and blood vessel functions refreshed.
Also, black rice contains Vitamin E which can cure skin and vision related diseases.
Black rice is high in antioxidants. Thus the location of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, weight gain, bad fat, etc. will go unnoticed
High in fiber, it can cure digestive problems and stomach ailments. Also contains iron which gives strength to the nerves.