Sigappu cholam-Red Sorghum 1Kg


  • Red cholam is a gluten-free grain which helps in curing stomach problems like indigestion, stomach aches etc
  • Jowar has rich protein content
  • Hence regular intake of this grain provides energy and keeps us active
  • Compared to other millets or grains sorghum contains a high amount of dietary fiber content
  • Essential mineral content in jowar helps to improve blood circulation in the body
  • Hence daily intake of this cholam helps lower the risk of heart disease and obesity
  • Which in turn helps in the development of red blood cells…
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Red Jowar or sorghum grain which is cholam in Tamil is a variety of millet that has a great taste and numerous health benefits. This grain grows well only in dry parts of the world. Intake this healthy millet by choosing organic. People prepare the soft dough using jowar flour to make delicious sorghum rotis. As compared to rice and wheat millets are the most healthier foods people include in their regular diet.