Thuvaram paruppu-Tur Dal 500g



  • Rich in folic acid which makes it a must for pregnant women as it helps in the development of the foetus.

  • Helps in weight loss as it makes one feel fuller for longer.

  • This has a low glycaemic index and makes it ideal for diabetics.

  • It helps to cure cough.

  • It helps regularise bowel movements.

  • This is a superior source of carbohydrates and protein….

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Toor Dal is a mild-flavoured pulse with a nutty flavour and forms a part of the cooking of most Indian households on a regular basis. Served with rice or roti, this is very rich in protein and fibre. For most Indians, this tasty accompaniment also doubles as comfort food. It’s also rich in iron and also carbohydrates that give one the energy to get through the day. The folic acid makes this a food that all pregnant women must incorporate into their diet. The low glycaemic index makes it a good choice for diabetics. Besides this, it offers many other health benefits too…